BSA Regal Group

David Bennett, Group Managing Director

“I write to fully endorse and recommend the services which have been received by my company from Mrs. Balajanaki Srinivasan of David Wyld and Company, Fleet House, London, EC4V 6AL. In particular, our dealings with Mrs. Balajanaki have been excellent. Her involvement with our global trademark issues began in early 2009 after we had consulted with several IP law firms in our search for help and representation in India. Mrs Balajanaki very quickly understood our problems, offering first-rate advice and guidance. Her knowledge of trademark law and procedures has never been found wanting and has involved her acting for us in various Trademark Registries, the High Court as well as the Supreme Court.”

“With our being based in the UK, it has obviously been very convenient and useful for us to call on Mrs. Balajanaki’s intimate knowledge of Indian procedures as well as her extensive and comprehensive expertise in IP matters. I am very pleased to say that we have been, and we continue to be well served by Mrs. Balajanaki and the staff at David Wyld. I have no reservations whatsoever in thoroughly recommending Mrs. Balajanaki Srinivasan for any matter involving intellectual property or trademark issues either within the UK or elsewhere”


Doci Innovations GmbH

Dr. Violeta Doci & Dr. Donata Doci

“We are very happy with our lawyers flexibility, engagement and competence. They are exceptional people that work closely with us (even during weekends via conference call or in person) to unable our success. Not stoping at any moment but even digging deeper with no hesitation to make everything as perfect as possible. Although there have been and still are difficult paths to be crossed. During our work together Bala and Ashok ( and their team) have always found a way for justice to be made possible on our behalf in whatever country we are involved.”

“We deeply appreciate their personal commitment and passion for helping us in the best way they can together with their brilliant team all around the world. Most of all we appreciate their honest, trust and loyalty. They are the minds behind our brand coming to life. We are joyfully looking forward to continue working with such incredible people, who have showed more engagement and commitment towards our cases than we have ever seen with any lawyers that we had before, also shielding us from wrong decision. Therefore, it is with great honour that we would recommend this law firm to anyone in need of passionate and dynamic lawyers.”


Graduate Student from Watford, UK

Maria Judy Bayombong Hatton

“Way back year 2012 when I have problems with my student visa. A dear friend of mine referred me to Grace Osewele, who was before at UK Law Associates. She was easy to approach and help me with my problems. She and Robert Parkin did their very best to have my visa. All throughout the process of whatever I encounter during those times, I never felt alone. Even going to court or to the Home Office they are with me and never let me feel down, they always made me feel they are with me, aside from my husband.”

“They always update me with my case, bad or good, they never let me worry. They handle my case in a very personal approach. I am so grateful that I found Grace and her team. The services they gave me is not just as a client but I feel I was a family. As a student before, with not enough money to fight for a case, and been down by the Home Office many times, it was so hard but they still did what they can to help me. They are with me all the times from 2012 to 2014 until winning my case. I was ecstatic, for the service they extended was so fantastic, my case is not easy to handle. But all I can say is that it is not about your case but how your solicitors handle the case. Just this year, Feb 2018, I again consulted Grace in renewing my visa and Yes, have it back in time! As a matter of fact, we just come back from a month holiday. With this, I highly recommend Grace Osewele and her team, David Wyld & Co. Solicitors for a job well done. Thank you very much and more power to all.”


Self Employed Network Limited

Tony Gillam, Managing Director

“I approached David Wyld & Co after carrying out some research for an expert in the area of IP and Copyright. I had a business idea that potentially has a global market, it was very important for me to engage with someone who was able to articulate my idea and protect it.I attended a meeting and met Bala for a discussion about my idea, I was so impressed with Bala’s knowledge, she and Grace a member of her team were able to address every question and concern I had with absolute clarity. “

“I commissioned David Wyld  & Co to obtain international IP and Copywrite on my idea, this in my eyes was so important to me and not by any means a certainty, I decided to go forward with the fast track option. I was informed during every step of the process, it did prove to be not as straightforward as I had hoped,  Bala was available at all times, she was able to take any stress away from me, always putting me at ease. I was having difficulty producing a logo when I told Bala of this, she took on the task of doing this for me and produced a number of logos for me to choose from. To my absolute joy, I received a call to say my application was successful.”

“In a day of lots of people claiming to be experts in their area of work, David Wyld & Co truly are, they also demonstrate excellent customer care, going way beyond the brief I commissioned them with, another thing that is truly lacking in business today.”

“I am going to commission David Wyld & Co to carry out work on other projects I have and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires an expert to carry out their work.”



Mr. Vinod Kotla

“I have had an incredibly good experience with David Wyld & Co Solicitors as they helped me recover a payment that a company took from me and failed to return it back when they couldn’t deliver. Ma’am Grace, Partner, handled the matter herself in handling this difficult matter delicately as the defendants were avoiding the issue by closing all doors. Further, she has always rendered good advise anytime day or night without charging for it. I certainly look forward to continuing referring any legal matter of mine, my family or colleagues to the firm. I wish them well. Vinod Kumar Kotla”