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David Wyld International Ltd is a consulting company which provides International Business Consulting for clients who require trans-border consulting covering key areas such as Mergers & Acquisitions, IP Valuations, Trademarks & Patents registrations, turnkey project solutions in the areas of corporate immigration, Corporate Equity solutions, Venture Capital solutions, and other Business – Legal solutions to corporate clients.

David Wyld International is one of the group companies of David Wyld & Co Solicitors who are based in London, United Kingdom. The firm has a rich history of serving clients for over forty-two years in a wide range of areas from commercial litigation to IP Valuations etc. The firm has been recognized and has received numerous International Awards for excellence in customer service and best of breed awards in IP work.

The Firm has strategic plans in the areas of promoting UK Paralegal Education globally with a view of providing key personnel who are fully trained and exposed to UK Paralegal Education and exposed to contemporary practices in this field. It plans to establish British Paralegal Academies in the UK and other countries to achieve this objective.

The firm is focussed on B2B Business and wants to make a major headway with Corporate Clients who need specialist advisory services related to diversification and growth through Mergers & Acquisitions.

The firm has a growth and diversification strategy to appoint Master Franchisees in major countries who will represent David Wyld International and will in turn have sub-franchisees who will reach out to various corporate clients. The firm has developed comprehensive Franchising plans to support and build up a global network of offices who will be actively servicing our clients.

The firm has ambitious growth plans and it has leadership who have an established and proven track record in promoting and establishing business excellence through empowering its people who they regard as the key assets in the success of its various projects.







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