Many businesses seek sound commercial dispute resolutions that are efficient and cost-effective. Resolving disputes through mediation services offers clients the opportunity to obtain flexible, creative solutions, which may otherwise be unavailable through traditional court proceedings. David Wyld & Co offers experienced mediation services for high-profile commercial and private clients involved in complex international, multi-jurisdictional disputes around the world. We have developed strong relationships with leading firms and lawyers worldwide, with whom we work with collaboratively to protect clients’ rights and interests throughout the mediation process. Our team also offer services as a neutral mediator between opposing parties and their respective counsel. In this neutral role, we offer insightful advice and assistance in negotiations to help clients obtain mutually beneficial resolutions on their own.

The strength of our London mediation solicitors’ expertise and practice, is what makes our firm a leading firm to lawyers and their clients from around the world. David Wyld & Co also offers experienced advice and instruction in the arbitration of complex commercial matters. Our firm ensures that our clients maximise their  time and resources by not focusing on improper legal strategies, but instead placing emphasis on the various factors that could affect outcomes positively. By offering flexible services with a personalised approach, we seek to protect clients’ rights and interests throughout the process.