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Mrs.Balajanaki Srinivasan (Bala) holds dual qualifications as Solicitor (England & Wales) and a Lawyer
in India with extensive exposure to most areas of law.

She is a specialist in Intellectual Property Law covering, Brand protection (from registrations of
Trademarks, Patent, Copyright, and Design Act to enforcement of IP rights), IP Investigation, IP
Valuation, and Litigation.

Bala has built a reputation as a formidable lawyer in native India where she established Rights &
Marks law firm in 2002, one of the fastest growing law practices in India. Rights & Marks launched its
first base in the Middle East with the opening of its new office in the UAE in 2014.

Rights & Marks now operates across five cities in India with the headquartered in Chennai. She has
been awarded six major awards, Best IP Firm Asia Pacific in 2008, presented by the then President of
CNN at Madam Tussauds, followed by the IP Client Choice Awards, in, 2015 and 2016 for client
services and overall brilliance in performance respectively and the ACQ award in 2017. Most
recently, on the 29th August 2018, Bala received 2 prestigious awards in India for her extraordinary
work in the field of Intellectual Property encompassing the requirements of over 50,000+ clients in
India and on their behalf globally; the two awards being ‘Rights & Marks’ being ‘the most trusted
Intellectual Property law firm in India’ and the global award.

Before establishing Rights & Marks, Bala completed her certification in Intellectual Property Law at
the Academy of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, (WIPO) Geneva, Switzerland.

Bala has effortlessly ventured into Arbitration and has been an arbitrator for the finance and banking
sectors in India. Bala went on to complete the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT) and was
admitted as a Solicitor of England and Wales in 2007.

In contentious matters, Bala’s execution of client objectives stands alongside the market leaders
internationally including Magic Circle firms. She is revered and respected by opponents and peers


        • Rights & Marks conferred Best Form of Asia Pacific 2008 – International IP Awards 2008. The award was presented by the then President of CNN at Madam Tussauds
        • Winner of the Client Choice Awards 2008 and 2015.
        • ACQ Global Award 2016
        • Rights & Marks “Most Trusted Intellectual Property Law Firm in India” – 2018
        • Balajanaki Srinivasan “Global Achiever Award” 2018

Academic Achievements

          • Bachelor & Masters of Arts
          • (Bachelor of law)
          • QLTT (Qualified lawyers transfer test)
          • Admitted as a Solicitor in Law Society of England and Wales 2007
          • Certification – IP valuation from WIPO, Switzerland
          • PG Diploma – Cyber law 


          • Madras High Court Bar Association of India
          • Law Society of England & Wales
          • International Trade Mark Association USA (INTA)
          • Association of European Lawyers (AEA)
          • American Bar Association 


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